Uncommon Accouterment

About the artist


Emily J. Fruth

was raised on a popcorn farm in a small village in Northwest Ohio. After spending two years in Indiana as a painting major, she returned to Ohio and began taking metalsmithing classes from Tom Muir and Andrew Kuebeck in 2011. Possessing an active imagination, an overwhelming sense of adventure, and an almost unlimited capacity for affection, Emily is heavily influenced by literature, her travels, and her family. Her best friend and biggest supporter is her father, Rick. He rose to the challenge of being a single father most admirably, always going above and beyond the call of duty, and tolerating the horrors of raising a teenage girl with enough patience and love to be nominated for sainthood. In her free time, Emily enjoys reading, singing, sewing, swing dancing, hiking, camping, baking, Aikido, playing with cats, and dressing up as though she just walked out of the 1940's.