Uncommon Accouterment

Artist Statement


   Relationships are precious things. Defined as “a connection, association, or involvement,” they make up the very basic electrochemical foundation of our consciousness. For example, the entirety of human functionality and memory is dependent upon the synapses in the brain. Synapses form permanent and automatic connections between neurons; an association between one thought and another. These neurological relationships that we form and strengthen every day are the building blocks of our entire existence. Similarly, our relationships with people, institutions, and ideas are the building blocks of our individual identities.

    We form new connections by sharing bits of our identities with the people in our lives. We do this largely through narrative, as evidenced by the fact that one of the first courses of action we take upon forming a new acquaintance is to begin sharing stories with them. Narrative is one of the primary methods through which we form new relationships, thereby further developing our personal identities.

    I seek to create relationships with the people who form my audience by telling them my story. I am unsatisfied by a formal and professional connection, however. I cherish my audience, and like every other being in the world, I crave intimacy. I form these relationships, therefore, by creating works of narrative in the most intimate format I have available to me: that of art to be worn on the body. Most every piece that I make, as a reflection of myself and my story, is based around my own associations with the people, institutions, and ideas that hold significance in my life. I strive to either memorialize the beauty of these relationships or to divulge their fallacies. 

    I use this process as a method of clarification for my thoughts and experiences. It gives me a sense of empowerment to be able to transform my otherwise diffused and disorderly cognitive processes into something solid and tangible. It allows me to slow the world around me down to the speed of making, and by so doing enables me to give life not only to my inner visions, but also to give life to new and beautiful relationships.